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Xerox launches Twitter contest to highlight “Ready for Real Business” campaign

By Alistair Harris

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A popular manufacturer of copiers and scanners, Xerox is looking to convince the world of how it does so much more, with a new social media marketing initiative, according to an article published by mediapost.com.

Using a Twitter contest, the company is encouraging people to post and complete the line: “To me, real business means ….”,  with the hashtag #FlyWithXerox added at the end of the Tweet.

The winner will receive two round-trip tickets with Virgin America.

In a bid to highlight its other services, the company has also produced a number of new TV adverts to support its “Ready for Real Business “ campaign.

These adverts will feature Michelin and Virgin America, explaining what Xerox does to the two respective firms.

Vice president of global advertising for Xerox, Barbara Basney told Marketing Daily: “(We’re) expanding upon that some store to reinforce the fact that Xerox is not just a technology company.”

“We’re showcasing how we’re helping behind the scenes with services that most people don’t know we provide,” she added.

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