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Volkswagen to get social media strategy into gear

By Ahmed Ahmed

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Car manufacturer Volkswagen plans to increase its emphasis on social media marketing, in an attempt to connect and engage with more customers and partners, reports online magazine Computing.

Nick Gaines, the company’s UK CIO, told the magazine that the new move is aimed at improving the competitiveness and versatility of the firm in an increasingly challenging consumer market.

‘The automotive industry is traditionally slow at implementing change and the market is fragile at the moment,’ he stated.

‘Therefore it is imperative that we become very dynamic, so our focus is not on big projects, but the little things.’

Given the changing landscape of customer to business relations, the German-owned business is looking to tap into the ever-increasing focus on the Internet as a consumer led forum for promotional activity.

‘In the old days,’ Gaines observed, ‘You would go to the car dealership and have a close relationship with the dealer. Today, people engage with business through the internet. From an IT and marketing perspective, the world has changed, so we need to engage with everyone through social media.’

Volkswagen is not alone. Renault has already launched its latest high profile ‘VaVaVoom’ campaign, with Facebook as a key platform, but it remains to be seen whether other car manufacturers will follow the lead of these two market giants as they foray into the social media sphere.

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