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Users more accepting of Facebook marketing campaigns

By Adam Buckley

Interconnected people standing on the words 'social media marketing'

Company brands and Facebook users are more than happy to cooperate through Facebook the head of Facebook Canada has claimed.

Theglobeandmail.com, has reported that the number of users that are now happy to boast their connections with brands utilising Facebook marketing is on the rise.

This is reaffirmed by the head of Facebook Canada, Jordan Banks, who believes this is something that will continue in the future.

Speaking on the issue he claimed that “Two years ago, you’d hear brands talking about testing Facebook, seeing how it works.”

“And last year was all about hearing, we know how it works; now we need to figure out how to make it a meaningful piece of everything we do.”

There have been some doubts over whether people will accept Facebook as a marketing medium. A spokesperson for Facebook said that the social media giant still wants to ensure all users have full control over their social networking experience.

This comes from a planned ad type function to be implemented called ‘Sponsored Stories’ which could provide endless opportunities for Facebook advertising.

The new ads will use the content provided by users in order to bring more personalised adverts.

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