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Up to one-third of businesses now use social networks

By Lauren Myatt

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New research has suggested that as many as one-third of UK businesses are now using social networking to complement their company.

The main social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter came out on top after Virgin Media conducted a survey of 5000 businesses. It found that 32 per cent were using social networking sites as part of their marketing and communications policies.

Not only are they being used to market their businesses they are also using them to recruit potential employees and provide customer services also.

Leading the UK is the South-West where 36 per cent of businesses are using social media marketing and communications to connect their customers.

Group vice president at technology research company Gartner, Anthony Bradley, said: “Social media is not an end in and of itself; it is an enabler. Social media technologies are tools and, like any technology, it is how people use those tools that deliver enterprise results.”

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