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Twitter valuation skyrockets

By Alistair Harris

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Social networking site Twitter has seen its value rocket as more users plug into social media.

It’s taken just a few months for the site’s value to double, from $3.8 billion last December to $7 billion this June.

The site has introduced new tools to maximise its social media marketing, leading to eMarketer to value its revenue at $150m this year alone.

It is thought the huge valuations put on other social network sites, such as LinkedIn, which is now valued at $8.5bn, have helped increase Twitter’s value.

A recent stock market exercise to find out what Twitter’s potential value could be if floated, found investors willing to value the firm at $8.24bn.

According to Bloomberg, the recent $7bn valuation is the result of a round of fundraising by the firm, to discover what real value investors put on the site.

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