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Twitter usage doubles by U.S SMBs

By George Chapple

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According to bizreport.com, the number of SMBs tweeting to increase online media presence rose from 9 per cent in Q3 2009 to 19 per cent in Q3 2010.

In the same period the use of yellow pages remained static at 26 per cent.

This new research highlights the growing popularity of social media platforms within businesses. Twitter marketing is still not as utilised as the other social media heavyweight Facebook.

The report showed that businesses younger than seven years old were more likely to embrace the new media channels. Many SMBs want to know how much time and resources are needed to support a successful twitter campaign.

Jonathan Strauss, chief executive of social media performance measurement firm Snowball Factory, said: “Twitter has built an audience, but in order to achieve the scale and revenue that Google and Facebook are seeing it needs to show that marketing dollars spent on the site can perform well for mom and pops, not just big companies.”

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