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Twitter set to offer Facebook-style ‘pages’ to advertisers

By George Chapple

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Twitter are reportedly planning to install Facebook-style ‘pages’ as the platform looks to appeal to marketers who are developing strategies in social media marketing.

There are limited promotional opportunities for brands on Twitter, but by introducing branded pages, it will allow advertisers to deliver branded content and grow a user following.

Currently marketers can only use Twitter’s own Promoted Account Service, which allows advertisers to buy a place in recommended follower lists and sponsor hashtags, but if the plans go ahead brands will be able to create content rich pages where users can easily engage with brands. Any changes are likely to be rolled out in the U.S, before being implemented in the UK.

David Parfect, an employee of Facebook, has commented that brands should be looking at ways to get people to interact with them on social media platforms, rather than solely look to build a fan base to get ‘likes’ or ‘followers’.

“Just because a brand has 17,000 fans on Facebook, that does not mean these fans are engaged with them. That is just where the marketing should start. Marketers need to transform the way they think, and social media should not be siloed,” said Parfect

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