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Twitter marketing – what are trending topics?

By Neil Paterson

Social media

One aspect of Twitter marketing is the trending topics that can allow the discovery of various tweets around the same subject at that current time.

Speaking from the official Twitter blog, trends have been available via Twitter since 2008 and are a method of identifying trending topics across Tweets right now.

This form of Twitter marketing is developed through the frequency in which a topic is trended as well as the amount that it is being Tweeted on a particular topic at that current time.

With Twitter reporting that there are around 95 million Tweets a day, the process of developing a trending topic will need nurturing.

The trends that are currently hot topics are then shown in the trends list on users accounts so that people can view the most popular and breaking topics or news of the day.

This allows news to spread quickly across Twitter, getting the message out to a potential worldwide audience.

The hot topics can then be promoted to Twitter users and thus the trend can be continued by them.

The trending topics can then be used to be linked back in order to develop Twitter marketing campaigns.

If this consistency of conversation is not maintained, then the topic will not be a trending topic for the day, and thus the topic needs frequent attention and a full Twitter marketing strategy.

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