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Top Tips For Online Copywriting

By Lauren Myatt

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Content writing for any advertisement or SEO campaign should be all about getting your business to stand out from the crowd and should be undertaken in a creative approach.

Creating good ad copy could mean the difference between getting sales and clicks or not.

But how does a business get it right? Creating effective copy so that it entices the end user to click further from the headline is a tricky business.

Here are some simple tips to follow to ensure you get the best conversion rates for your copy.

1. Make sure all your ads match-up for example the one on your landing page, matches the one on the ad.

2.Provide one call-to-action per page, don’t confuse the end user with lots of jargon copy.

3.Write your copy in a persuasive manor, entice the reader to read-on.

4.Keep the most important point in the first paragraph, so that if the reader doesn’t have the time to read-on they know what the ad is all about from the first paragraph.

5. Use short, sharp sentences and bullet point your information for an easier read.

6. Don’t overload the reader with information, allow them to follow-up their interest with a call-to-action

7. keep all copy in a language that all can understand, you could have end users from all backgrounds interested in your product or service so don’t cut particular groups of people out by using terminology or language some may not understand.

And finally make sure your copy is logical and flows, this helps the end user understand what product or service is being advertised at all times.

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