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The key to good social media marketing could be content

By Lauren Myatt

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Social networking has taken over the world over the past few years but has often been something too daunting for many small businesses.

Now with the introduction of social media marketing and lots of businesses opting to spend their marketing budgets on this, it should be something even the smallest businesses should consider.

Creating content such as articles and press releases could be the key for any businesses that are considering a social media marketing campaign and can dramatically increase the success of each advert.

Creating the right content could attract more readers and therefore generate more interest in the product which could equal more conversions.

“Social media is a hot conversation piece and so many people come out of nowhere who have no formal experience in marketing and communications and say they are social media gurus,” said Peter Freer, an e-marketing specialist.

“I find that small companies who are not on social media and don’t exploit it need it the most,” he continues.

So the recommendations are that if you want to consider social media marketing, and then consider your content to be the first point of how to raise interest in your product.

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