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The importance of social media marketing

By George Chapple

The importance of social media marketing

A successful marketing strategy is the key to a successful business. Companies put millions of pounds into their marketing budget and often bring in an external company to handle the marketing of their business. Smaller companies and firms rely on more cost effective methods.

Social media marketing is the latest facility that businesses are adding to their marketing agenda. Posting and uploading content on blogs, community sites and video sharing sites allow businesses to market their products and services.

The most popular social media sites are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube. These sites can have up to five million visitors everyday and are considered to be an important hub for marketing.

Advertising space on these sites is expensive, so a most cost effective alternative is to create your own page. To get the same amount of visitors to your site through conventional methods would cost thousands of pounds. Links from your social media site can be directed back to your main website. When used correctly, a positive brand image can be portrayed to consumers as you are effectively giving your business a voice.

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