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Test run for fifth advert placement on Facebook

By George Chapple

Test run for fifth advert placement on Facebook

According to clickz.com, Facebook has been testing adding a fifth advert on photo pages. The California based company is seeing whether it is beneficial to squeeze in another advert on the right-hand side of the site-design above the fold.

A spokesperson for Facebook, said:” We’re constantly testing different iterations and layouts of our ads. We have nothing else to share at this time.”

The fourth advert placement was added to the site last September. The move paid off as Facebook generated $1.6 billion from advert sales in 2010.

There have been more developments on Facebook in the last seven days. The latest feature to be added to the social networking site is the geo-targeting possibilities on its marketing platform. This allows the user to fill in the “which city do you live in?” In doing this it makes it easier for advertisers to target the right user when promoting local restaurants and entertainment venues.

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