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Tesco to ‘sharpen’ online presence with social media campaign

By Lauren Myatt

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Superstore retail giants, Tesco, are pledging to step up their social presence by improving their social media marketing strategy according to marketingweek.co.uk.

Following a report from the company showing that sales fell in the final quarter of the year, they are now pledging to improve their marcoms marketing drive for the UK.

Chief executive Philip Clarke told Marketing Week: “When a customer goes into a store, it’s our shop window, so we need to make sure we keep it relevant and change it often to create more engagement.”

Recently Tesco launched a Facebook hub to communicate with their customers but Clarke stated that it could do much better.

Statistics indicated that the UK sales fell by 0.7 per cent in the last quarter and were flat for the remainder of the year.

He added: “Our basic operating standards are fine, our prices are good and we’ve done a lot of things well but we have to get better at executing our strategy. The issues aren’t structural, they are in the detail.”

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