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Target your customers using social media

By Jessica Dutton

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An increasing amount of companies are realising the benefits of targeting customers through social media marketing. From big name popular brands to small start up companies, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linked-in are becoming useful business tools.

Using these tools to target potential customers can prove to be very successful; however businesses should be careful to target the right audience, as different social networking tools have very different audiences.

Fresh Business Thinking recommends that you always keep the consumer in mind and think as they would, to avoid any embarrassing campaign backlashes.

Think about which social networking tool is most appropriate to your audience, and which one will benefit your company the most. Encourage online activity and don’t just ignore your target audience, engage with them rather than being unresponsive.

Fresh Business Thinking suggests involving your audience with the campaign through asking them to suggest ideas or host a competition, making them feel part of your business.

Using the correct social tool in the right way can prove to be extremely successful for your business.

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