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Social networks can boost productivity

By Lauren Myatt

Circle of people around the words 'social network'

According to a study recently conducted and reported by Reuters, social networks can boost productivity and efficiency in the workforce.

Many large corporations in the U.S are using social media sites to communicate between departments and to streamline operations.

The corporations claim that by using social media not only for social media marketing but for employee communication it increases employee engagement.

Still to catch on with some of the smaller companies throughout the U.S and other parts of the world, it seems that only technically advanced and knowledgeable companies are currently using social media sites for internal comms.

As well as the external social media sites, more employers are designing their own in-house social media platform which helps employees be more creative and have a voice in the direction of how the company evolves. Discussion boards and employee news sections help companies monitor the staff and deal with any issues which may arise from the input.

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