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Social media tips for the festive season

By Jack Adams

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With the festive season fast approaching, the time to draw up any social media marketing campaigns or initiatives aimed at increasing return on investment (ROI) during a period notoriously popular with shoppers is now.

Kalia Strong, writing for Search Engine Watch, has produced a list featuring 11 social media tips that can be implemented over the holiday period.

Here is just a summarized selection of those tips provided by Strong:

Create a Bank of Posts -

Having a bank of posts really can’t be underestimated. This content can be prepared long in advance before it goes out on sites such as Facebook or Twitter, meaning that you can ensure upcoming sales and promotions are covered well before they launch.

Banked posts can also be extremely useful in times when you get writer’s block and struggle to conjure up any decent ideas.

Each post should be unique and revised for each platform you intend to upload it to – don’t get caught out posting the same material across every platform.

Also think about how you want the message to be taken and how you want it to be read.

Don’t forget social sharing -

Social sharing adds great significance to your content, as it makes your content easier to share within the social sphere.

Remember, if you don’t provide users with the means to share the page on your site that they just brought that fantastic new product from, the chances are they aren’t going to.

Although it might seem obvious, you’d be extremely surprised at how many people forget to implement social sharing buttons.

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