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Social media site inspires 52 per cent to book holidays

By George Chapple

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A new survey has found that social media platform Facebook, has a powerful influence over consumer’s holiday plans, with over half of users saying that photos uploaded on the website inspire them to travel.

According to research by Skyscanner, the recent poll emphasises the growing importance of social media marketing in consumer behaviour.

The results showed that 52 per cent of Facebook users were influenced by holiday photos taken by friends to book a trip to the same destination. As well as inspiring photos by photos, Facebook is being increasingly used to organise group travel, with 46 per cent of respondents reporting they had planned group trips on the site.

Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner travel editor, said: “They say a picture is worth a thousand words and here is the proof. Facebook is the perfect platform for two very powerful influencers of travel; a personal recommendation combined with alluring images. From Orlando to Australia, seeing our friends’ adventures can certainly plant a seed that later leads to a trip to somewhere you never previously thought about visiting.”

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