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Social media marketing popular with small U.S. businesses

By George Chapple

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According to informationweek.com, social media marketing has risen by 40 per cent among U.S businesses.

During this tough economic climate local businesses are turning to the cost effective method of social media to promote their latest products and services.

The quarterly Merchant Confidence Index survey researched 8,500 SME’s across the United States. The results showed that 70 per cent of the businesses used social media platforms compared with only 50 per cent last year.

Facebook was the most widely used marketing method with small businesses in the U.S, whilst 66 per cent of businesses used Google to educate consumers about their products, according to the study.

Social media platforms were rated as ‘highly effective’ by 37 per cent of all correspondents. Darren Waddell, VP of marketing at MerchantCircle, said: “Online marketing continues to be a challenge for most local businesses, and many merchants are working with very small budgets and almost no marketing resources. The marketing methods we see gaining the most traction are therefore the ones that offer merchants simplicity, low costs, and immediate results.”

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