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Social Media Marketing Could Make Marketers Lazy

By Lauren Myatt

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With all the recent news surrounding the ability to create specific marketing campaigns for social media marketing, the question has to be asked whether it could make marketing managers lazy.

According to a story in marketingweek.co.uk, a leading UK marketer has warned that cheap and easy social media campaigns could make the discipline of marketing become ‘lazy’.

Simon Carter who is marketing director at Fujitsu said that social media marketing and email marketing is viewed among many junior marketers as ‘free’ and fears are now that it could be over-used with many trainees losing the traditional skills and practice needed to be successful marketers.

He said: “Junior brand managers think social media is a great way of getting their message out to a wider audience at virtually no cost.

“The problem is that it’s cheap churn and too often, the stuff we as marketers are taught in the classroom about targeting; about the right message; about good creative and the proposition and so on, are forgotten.

“I see campaigns where practitioners no longer worry about getting email addresses right. If something goes wrong it’s like ‘so what, we’ll send another batch of 10,000′. I think that without the postage or printing costs that we used to have with direct mail, it seems to matter less if something goes wrong,” he says.

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