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Social media expected to sweep across UK in 2011

By George Chapple

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A new report published by OfficeCalvary.com, showed that social media marketing is expected to rise dramatically across UK businesses in 2011.

The most prominent areas of growth are businesses looking to improve their presence on platforms including, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

Over 70 per cent of UK businesses want to step up social media marketing, with 25 per cent of these believing that social media is a top priority.

The U.S has already been witness to a boom in social media as 90 per cent of all business are now registered on social media sites, compared with only 50 per cent of UK businesses.

15 per cent of all busineses interested in social media are looking at creating a specific role for the position, whilst 65 per will look to freelancers to meet their future social marketing needs.

Andy Turner, founder of OfficeCalvary.com, commented: As consumers spend more time online, businesses are looking at ways of changing the way they engage and interact with their customers. The social media boom will fuel economic growth in the British economy as businesses realise the long term economic benefits of engaging with consumers via social media.”

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