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Social media becomes the second biggest sector online

By Jessica Dutton

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Social media has become the second biggest online sector according to Freshbusinessthinking.com.

Collectively, social media sites comes second only to entertainment sites, with Facebook being the most popular social network, with 600 million users.

According to Freshbusinessthinking.com, Facebook became the most visited website in the UK for the first time on Christmas Day for 24 hours, beating the world’s most popular search engine, Google.

Predictions say that 2011 will see social networks even more integrated into our daily lives, as more companies turn to social media marketing to connect with customers.

Many companies have begun to see the benefits of marketing through Facebook and Twitter already, using these social networks as a powerful way to open up conversations with prospects and keep them updated of new product launches.

Online fashion company Asos have already opened their own dedicated Facebook store, as have ladies fashion retailer Roman Originals, and many more stores are anticipated to follow suit in 2011.

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