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Social media aids small businesses

By George Chapple

Facebook thumbs up

Less than one per cent of small UK business owners connect with clients using social media platforms, which means that 99 per cent are missing out on an ever growing online marketing opportunity.

Small businesses traditionally are trusted by consumers and social media marketing is a modern technique which allows them to build and maintain that trust.

Most people who buy from a small business buy from the man behind the business. This makes it the owner’s responsibility to maintain a relationship with existing and new clients.

Twitter is the ideal platform to keep in touch with clients and keep them up to date with news feeds or updates of what your business has to offer. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and phone applications, it is easier than ever before to access social media accounts.

Facebook is another application which can be used to update clients on new information. Photos and videos can be uploaded of your products and goods, whilst links can be shared to websites that your clients may find useful.

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