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Social media activity should be a marketing priority

By George Chapple

The word 'content' being highlighted in a dictionary

According to bi-me.com, the 300 marketing professionals who attended the Omnicom Media Group Media Innovations Forum highlighted social media engagement as something which is top of the agenda in brands’ marketing communications plans.

In order to fully capitalise fully on social media marketing opportunities, brands need to anticipate the rapid transformation of consumer habits and attitudes.

Media futurist, Ger Leonhard, believes that today’s society is changing now we are a networked society. He predicts that by 2020 social ways to pay will emerge, such as virtual currencies, and tradable commodities such as data and time, replacing cold hard cash in transactions.

Leonhard said: “A brand that can be shared is a brand that will succeed. We’re now living in a connected world and brands have to become connected too.”

Many companies have already made huge progress on social media platforms. McDonald’s saw a higher conversion rate through social media in Nordic countries with content, rather than a sales message.

Toys ‘R’ Us have also had success when engaging in social media. Argha Sen, head of marketing for Toys ‘R’ Us Asia commented that social media must be integrated into the overall marketing strategy and should not be a standalone activity.

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