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SMEs encouraged to interact with social media

By George Chapple

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According to itp.net, fewer than five per cent of small and medium size businesses are using social media marketing.

Zed Ayesh, managing director of Flagship Consultancy, has urged companies to look to social media to boost sales and website traffic as well as building online communities to attract consumers to their brands.

Using tools such as review sites, video sharing and blogs enhance the customer collaboration of a business and aid peer-to-peer recommendations.

Speaking at the Tecom SME Builder initiative, Zed Ayesh commented: “Marketing through social media allows small and medium businesses to communicate, educate and share information directly with their current and prospective customers.

“Social media can be used to build business contacts with those who are more likely to buy a service or a product, but in the UAE the potential has not been tapped. However, any SME should make sure it doesn’t cut the conversation half way because social media is like chatting with someone, so it is important to keep the conversation going and end it in a mutually satisfying way.”

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