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Rumoured auto-ad feature could help Twitter marketing

By Alistair Harris

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Currently employing a more subtle approach to advertising on its site, Twitter is said to be taking the next steps towards automated adverts, according to an article on stuff.co.nz.

A newly developed API (application programming interface) will allow ad agencies and corporations to send out a large number of adverts on Twitter.

This move could open up a new potential outlet for Twitter marketing campaigns – as well as source of revenue for Twitter.

Although under ongoing development, it is rumored that Twitter’s advertising API will allow advertisers to display adverts via two formats – Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.

The Promoted Tweets feature will effectively allow advertisers to sponsor any of the messages published by Twitter users.

Promoted Accounts, on the other hand, sound similar to many of the current tactics employed on other social networks, such as Facebook; this will simply give advertisers the power to promote its Twitter account to any of the microblogging service’s users.

Having been operating for five years, it is thought that Twitter is making the move to maximize revenue.

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