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Reconnecting with an audience in social media marketing

By Alistair Harris

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With the vast variety of options that social media marketing offers, it can be extremely easy to become sidetracked; and as a result lose focus on the original reason for creating a social media presence in the first place.

In an article published on socialmediatoday.com, one leading social media expert has produced a list of tips – designed to guide you out of a social media rut.

Here are some of the best:

  • Sync yourself with the expectations of your audience: If those who follow your social media presence aren’t getting what they expect from your content – be it in the form of Tweets or Facebook posts – if it doesn’t deliver, you’re just not going to connect with them. Losing track of the needs of clients and customers is a recipe for disaster.
  • Align your social media efforts with your business goals: Social media, to successfully fulfil its purpose in marketing, has to be integrated. Randomly throwing out a Facebook page, Twitter account or LinkedIn group – that lacks any substance – will not bring results: the objectives for all platforms should similarly reflect those of your business.
  • Give your followers or fans an incentive: Providing a new offer of some kind – discounts, free downloadable content, special offers and the like – could lead to improved traffic and provide a potential ‘in’ for re-connecting with your audience.

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