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Popular social media marketing tool, HootSuite raises $3m in funding

By Alistair Harris

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A popular choice for brands in implementing cross-platform social media marketing campaigns, HootSuite is said to have raised $3 million, according to an SEC filing, cited in an article published by VatorNews.

Having raised $1.9 million in a previous round of funding from Blumberg Capital, Hearst Ventures and Geoff Entress, HootSuite’s total fund now stands at $4.9 million.

Praised for making cross-platform marketing much easier, the company gives users the ability to conduct social media activity on sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress from one dashboard.

Giving users the ability to manage and schedule posts, monitor brand and business mentions and providing access to detailed analytics, HootSuite has become extremely popular for both small and huge brands in launching social media marketing campaigns.

Its current user-base boasts a number of high-profile names including The Onion, Oxfam International and The White House amongst many others.

Founded three years ago, in 2008, HootSuite has also recently announced that 1.5 million people are using the service.

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