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PepsiCo launches cross-continental tour as part of Social Media Week

By George Chapple

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Business media site PR Newswire reports that multinational giant PepsiCo is marking the influence and power of social media marketing with a ‘digital tour’ spanning four continents, during Social Media Week.

Social Media Week is a global event uniting people and businesses to celebrate trends and movements in the recent, but prominent, communications arenas of social and mobile media.

Over 30 PepsiCo employees will be taking part in panel discussions and keynotes speeches in cities across the world.

PepsiCo Global Director of Digital and Social Media Bonin Bough, said of the event: ‘Social Media Week has become a premier global stage and launch-pad for news – and a unique opportunity to collaborate with digital leaders in key global markets.’

Special emphasis has also been placed on the role of women in social media, with the New York initiative including the unveiling of a new network: PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Network (WIN).

This innovation will feature discussions, encouragement and perspectives aimed at empowering women to make a bigger impact in the disproportionately male digital sphere.

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