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Paramount Pictures turn to Twitter marketing to promote latest Paranormal Activity film

By Alistair Harris

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With the third film in the popular Paranormal Activity series scheduled for release next month, studio Paramount Pictures has implemented the use of a Twitter Marketing campaign in order to promote the movie, according to an article published by WebProNews.

The campaign, entitled “Tweet To See It First”, will allow users to choose a city that is closest to them, and then contain their city of choice in a tweet. Those top 20 with the most tweets will have the chance to see Paranormal Activity 3 three days before it’s official world box office opening date.

Using the film’s official website, users can select the city they are closest to – and then subsequently tweet about. Users can also keep track of the content with the real-time updated leader board.

Paramount’s campaign is open to users worldwide and will end at 11:59 (PST) on October 13. Paranormal Activity 3 opens on October 21.

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