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Online marketing campaign launched by Carlsberg

By Lauren Myatt

Dart in the centre of a target labelled 'social marketing'

One of the biggest beer brands in the world is launching a fierce online marketing campaign to increase its brand throughout the Internet.

The Danish lager’s major overhaul will see them increase their online activity and positioning as well as creating specifically designed content for social media marketing campaigns.

Created by a leading digital marketing company, the campaign will be rolled out to over 140 markets later this week and will use and build on the strapline ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’.

The campaign will include specifically designed content for YouTube and Facebook allowing users of Facebook to use face mapping technology and text-to-voice technology to allow people to send messages to their friends from the moon.

Louis Clement, creative partner at the marketing agency, said: “ The digital campaign will support the new television advertising, ensuring that it reaches audiences who spend their time online, offering them engaging content and giving them a reason to become an advocate of Carlsberg.”

As well as the new online campaign, the traditional forms of marketing through TV and print will continue and the iconic ‘Probably the best larger in the world’ strapline will continue to be used on the packaging.

The aims for the campaign are to focus on getting younger people to experience the ‘essence’ of drinking the lager.

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