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Nielsen-style insight team for Facebook

By Alistair Harris

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Facebook is looking to evaluate the power of brand activity on the social media site.

The firm is working with traditional TV insight firm Nielsen to investigate marketing across Facebook and television.

Speaking at the Cannes Lion event, Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions, said: “There are questions around whether creative on Facebook can be as good as TV or print. But this is an opportunity you have never had before, to spark a conversation taking place across all of your marketing.”

She added: “We believe in the power of TV, but making it social.”

Facebook is trying to promote examples of brand success on the site – where many international brands have had huge responses to social media marketing. They include revenue-boosting applications, huge global reach across Facebook’s 700 million users, or simply the ability for users of the site to ‘interact’ with huge brands.

According to Marketing Week, the company is set to launch facebook-studio.com to prove how the site has helped brands.

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