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New Chrome app allows social media marketers to sync content across networks

By Ava Kelly

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For many small local businesses, the ability to be able to sync posts in social media marketing is extremely useful. Although there are a number of plug-ins and apps on the Internet that allow this to be done, the introduction of Google+ seems not to have been anticipated.

However, users of Google Chrome can now purchase a new app from the store that will allow content to be published automatically onto Twitter, Facebook and Google+, according to an article featured on mediabistro.com.

Publish Sync, in it’s current form will allow users to post links and text to all the social networks, as well as video and images – except for Google+, which is set for support in a future update.

The app will also take advantage of Google+’s circles feature, allowing access to content to be limited to specific circles.

It will also enable users to post their content into Twitter and then share with other social networks simply by checking the appropriate boxes. This means that tweets can be synced to post on Facebook and Plurk and visa versa.

For those businesses using social networks on a frequent basis, Publish Sync could provide just what’s needed in the lead up to the launch of Google+ Brand Pages.

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