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Increasing your follower numbers on Twitter

By Ava Kelly

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Twitter’s emergence as a real social media marketing powerhouse in the past few years has seen it become very popular with small businesses.

Gathering an initial following on the micro blogging service can be challenging though.

With this in mind, Taryn Erickson, writing for socialmediatoday.com has produced a list chronicling the variety of strategies you can employ to get your account more followers.

Split into four sections, here is just a selection of Erickson’s suggestions:

  • Finding an initial following – To do this you must have a clear overview of what you’re actually aiming to achieve from using Twitter; once you’re clear on your aim, maintain focus to reach your goals. Follow those who follow you, as everyone on Twitter is the same – they all want a following. It’s advisable to customize your profile away from the bland and generic look it initially presents; add company colours, an avatar and a short, snappy bio – this will give people an impression of professionalism and authenticity.
  • Being creative with your content – It’s estimated that there are 750 new tweets published every second; therefore you need to do something to make sure yours are noticeable. When tweeting, employ a distinct style – be it humorous or professional – this will make your follower’s feel like they’re interacting with a human rather than a brand. Try to post material that is interesting and also maintain clearness in your message – you only get a limited amount of characters, so it is crucial to have clarity.
  • Target your tweets – When targeting your tweets – in social media marketing this is extremely common – your content must be relevant to your target audience. Therefore you must determine when your audience is going to be online, why they will care about what you post, while keeping overall objectives at the front of your mind.
  • Trending tweets – Investing a considerable amount of time to track your competitors is no bad thing. Look at the techniques being employed by other social media marketers, test new developments such as plug-ins; also keep an eye on technology publications – they always keep close tabs on the latest emerging key trends.

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