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Imperative ‘truths’ that social media marketers must understand

By Alistair Harris

Facebook thumbs up

The recent rise to prominence of Google+ has led to a reassessment of social media marketing strategies. According to Reggie Bradford, writing for venturebeat.com, being ‘social’ is no longer enough.

As a result Bradford has produced ‘Six social marketing truths’ that social media marketing executives should be scrambling to understand.

Here is just a summarized selection of those aforementioned ‘truths’:

  • The sandbox of social media is expanding Although Facebook, with its 750 million users, should understandably be at the forefront of your social media marketing strategy, it is important not to discount the others. Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube are all seeing a gradual growth in stature, as is Google+, so take note, as they should also be in your plans.
  • Quality content more important than fan quantityPossessing a significant social network following is always great. However, less so if your following isn’t all that engaging or active. Producing high quality content is the most likely way of encouraging discussion. Take the time to get to ‘know’ your fan base and deliver the kind of content you think will appeal to them, as well as exclusives – as these are a fantastic way of enticing people to come back.
  • Localise your content It is becoming more common that marketers will use hyper-targeted content for the most optimised effectiveness. So if your company offers a number of popular services or products, it would be advisable to set up a separate page, tab or account for each – as consumers who are interested in one product might be less so in another

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