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LinkedIn ads making a mark

By Alistair Harris

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LinkedIn has now passed the 120 million user mark, with its business-networking focus making it increasingly popular as a career alternative to Facebook or Twitter.

The site is gaining a new user every second, according to the latest stats: and is fast becoming another avenue for social media marketing that simply should not be ignored by marketers.

Whereas Facebook allows marketers to focus on specific user’s likes, location, friendship groups and interests, LinkedIn provides a more industry-orientated suite of options: allowing marketers to focus on specific professions and industries.

For B2B marketers, this segregation by sector is invaluable. But there are other ways to market your company via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides a range of targeting options, which allow for specifics by age and gender as well as industry and position. Obviously, the more specific you are with targeting, the more specific – and small – your audience is. But this can be a highly beneficial approach.

The targeting is concise enough to allow you to focus on individuals – such as CEOs of specific industry firms in a specific country – or you could focus entirely on a location or industry.

LinkedIn also offers targeting through its Audience Network, which hooks into LinkedIn ads on other sites. Whilst reporting tools for this are not as thorough as other report tools, the apparent effect of this opt-in is an increase in clicks and visits.

With the evolution of social media, LinkedIn provides a huge new audience of people who may not traditionally use the social side of networking sites. As with all marketing, the larger your potential audience, the larger the potential for returns.

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