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Using multiple keywords in SEO copywriting

By Alistair Harris

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Employing a good SEO copywriting strategy is undoubtedly beneficial in boosting a site’s ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Traditionally one of the basic rules in SEO copywriting is not to use more than two or three queries or keywords when optimizing the page, according to an article written by Tom Schmitz for Search Engine Land.

However, he points out that it is possible to optimize for multiple keywords.

He points out that a combination of an authoritative writing style and relevant content are the factors most likely to drive a site to a much higher ranking.

When optimizing for multiple keywords, Schmitz suggests:

  • Writing phrases incorporating the most important keywords on your page you may rank for
  • Working more search queries into online content might help you rank for those as well
  • Using single words or phrases that form parts of queries, you could rank from unexpected queries

With a belief that ‘natural language patterns create relevance in search engine algorithms,’ Schmitz recommends including other words or terms that you may hear in a conversation about your chosen topic.

In the process of selecting keywords, users should choose the highest priority keywords – determined by prior, extensive keyword research.

It is important to get the keywords in the title tag, but for multiple keywords this can be a problem.

To solve this, either leave keywords out or lengthen the title – although search engines will only display the first 70 characters, your site will still be indexed.

Based on a three-tier priority system, create the content with just the first and second tier keywords in first; then subsequently go back through and add a few of the third tier keywords (where necessary).

Just as you would in a standard copywriting process, Schmitz recommends reciting back, aloud, to ensure that the piece is SEO-friendly, as well as being readable – a factor often overlooked in SEO copywriting.

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