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Demographic-related audiences for Facebook adverts studied

By Alistair Harris

Facebook thumbs up

A recent study, carried out by Facebook advertising specialists SocialCode, has shown that both age and gender play a significant role in how users interact with adverts displayed on the social network, according to a report published by ClickZ.

Results displayed that older users were more likely to click on Facebook adverts; meanwhile younger users were more likely to ‘like’ Facebook fan pages.

Around 23 per cent of users over the age of 50 were more likely to click an advert.

Elsewhere, in the same age group, users were also less likely to ‘like’ a page than any of the other age groups in the study – nine per cent less.

The gender of users also had an effect on the level of clickthrough rates – with women 11 per cent more likely to click an advert on the site than men.

SocialCode CEO, Laura O’Shaughnessy, commenting on the results, said: “In general, younger Facebook users are more comfortable using the ‘Like’ button than older users at this point.”

Concluding on the figures, which could have an effect on Facebook marketing strategies in the future, she added: “With inline fan ads on Facebook, older users have a high level of interaction and curiosity about the ads as evidenced by their high CTRs, whereas young users have a high propensity to click the ‘Like’ button right in an ad on Facebook.”

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