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Mistakes to avoid when Facebook marketing

By Alistair Harris

Facebook thumbs up

The power of Facebook marketing is unquestionable; it’s certainly an excellent tool if utilised correctly.

However there are mistakes that can be made – mistakes that could impede your overall marketing efforts on the platform.

With this in mind, there are a number of pitfalls brands should avoid when implementing their Facebook marketing strategies.

Here is just a selection:

  • Excessive wall posting – Facebook, although as mentioned, is a fantastic tool in marketing, it is primarily a social network. When you make a fan page post, it automatically appears in your followers’ news feed. Over-zealous posting will ultimately bombard and irritate your fans and, most likely, cause them to go for the ‘unlike’ button. Employing a simple one or two-post a day strategy is more sensible. Imagine them as customers in a shop – bombard them with sales pitches, and they’re likely to walk straight back out.
  • Getting rid of negative comments – Deleting negative posts and comments on your fan page is extremely questionable – people will believe you are actively “censoring” them and this could breed distrust. Instead, show how well your company hands public relations online: converse publicly with whoever posted the comment, and find out why they hold such an opinion. This will only strengthen your brand’s image as one that values and listens to their customer opinions. It also provides others with the knowledge that their opinions and feedback will be taken into consideration – which encourages participation.
  • Lack of a landing page – A Facebook FBML is important. It is a great way of showing those who are new to your brand what it’s all about. Not having one means that you’re really missing out. A good landing page can be used to encourage further ‘likes’, display interactive content and drive traffic.

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