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New devices offer better mobile social marketing

By Adam Buckley

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Social media marketing is set to benefit from the recent release of new android phones released in Barcelona at the recent Mobile World Congress.

Brafton.com reported that the new devices will allow seamless and almost instant access to social networking sites such as Facebook with a view to creating “A better mobile experience”.

The new devices, released by HTC, will feature a branded button meaning that the user can gain access to the social network like never before, having access to their messages and Facebook chat in seconds.

Facebook are also announcing a partnership with the brand INQ who promise to provide two more devices that can advance the Facebook experience.

As well as providing more access to their favourite businesses via Facebook Places, the phones will allow the placement of a news feed directing traffic to the handsets home page.

This will mean that brands can have the content that is produced placed almost immediately to the Facebook user’s fingertips.

Businesses looking to improve on their marketing through social networks will feel the benefits of these new handsets coupled with the previous reinvigoration of the Facebook app earlier this year.

These new devices look to push the boundaries in social marketing allowing brands access to their followers better than ever.

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