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MySpace should have been relaunched as new brand, says former CEO

By Jack Adams

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In a pre-Facebook age, MySpace was the social network of choice for social media marketing campaigns; falling membership numbers have led to a downturn in fortunes, leading the site’s former CEO to claim it was a mistake to keep the MySpace brand, according to an article published by New Media Age.

Michael Jones stepped down from his post in August after the social networking site was sold to Specific Media.

Posting on the CNN Money website, Jones revealed the difficulties that the site had faced.

He said: “We found that regardless of how much we improved the product or the marketing message, consumers’ memories about the brand were too strong to allow them to view MySpace with fresh eyes and an open mind. We could not escape their images of animated GIFs.”

Mr Jones, speaking honestly about his tenure, concluded by adding: “In the end, I believe MySpace would have had a better chance for success if we had relaunched it as an entirely new brand.”

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