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Most popular member on Google+ is Mark Zuckerberg

By Alistair Harris

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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the world’s most popular social network, Facebook, has scored a PR win over his new rival Google+.

Zuckerberg, recently the subject of the movie The Social Network, has signed up to the invite-only test of Google’s new social network.

And just days after Google+ went live, Zuckerberg is by far the most followed member, according to Fox News.

He’s already amassed almost 30,000 followers – almost double those following Google’s own founder, Larry Page.

And his 29,543 followers have yet to even hear from the Internet tycoon, as he’s only posted his profile picture and no status updates.

One commentator said the increasing homogeny between the social networks will mean any innovations are quickly rolled out by rivals within a few weeks.

“Any great feature Google invents in Google+, Facebook can just replicate a few days or weeks later,” said Jay Yarow of Business Insider.

The news slipped out today as social media marketers begin to plan how to replicate successful Facebook campaigns within the new features of Google+.

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