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Mistakes to avoid when Twitter marketing

By Alistair Harris

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With the correct Twitter marketing strategy, the micro blogging service can be a hugely effective marketing tool; equally as versatile for those trying to build up the online status of a small local business as for a massive global brand.

Tasha Cunningham, in an article published on miamihearld.com, has produced a list of common mistakes when utilising Twitter as a marketing tool.

Here is just a selection:

  • Not making the most of the follow function: If you’ve got a small amount of followers, yet are following 10,000 people, it’s clear that your stream isn’t getting the message across. Twitter users have to find the message being communicated, not necessarily captivating, but at least useful and interesting. Cunningham points out that you should ‘make it a point to follow the people who follow you.’
  • Being impersonal: It’s pretty easy to send an automated message to anyone that follows you on Twitter – it’s also extremely impersonal. Instead try to send a personal message of thanks, this increases interaction, rapport and an in the future, the chances of a potential sale.
  • Excessive spam: Although it may sound like a logical idea to send a message advertising your latest sale to all your hundreds of Twitter followers – it just isn’t. This kind of thing is considered spam on Twitter and will probably have followers going for the ‘unfollow’ button out of irritation. Avoid.

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