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MG communicates with fans through social media

By George Chapple

MG communicates with fans through social media

MG have recently held a questions and answer session with consumers by using social media sites. For just under an hour petrol-heads were able to post questions to MG’s Motor’s sales and marketing director, Guy Jones.

Word got round about the session, and Facebook was soon inundated with questions about the new MG6, ranging from details about the vehicle, to the definitive UK launch date.

The session highlights perfect use of social media sites. Interest was generated in the car, purely by giving consumers the unique advantage of being able to talk back.

Online tools allow you to target, track and report customers and the potential for personalized, relevant messages to potential customers are just the beginning. Links from social media sites will drive traffic back to your site.

Posting copy on social media sites is a great opportunity for groundbreaking creative and innovating marketing techniques. With the increase in popularity of social media websites, it’s crucial for any business to have some regular form of social media as part of their marketing strategy.

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