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Man U footballers could be banned from social networking sites

By Lauren Myatt

Interconnected people standing on the words 'social media marketing'

Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson is considering banning players from using social media sites, such as Twitter, saying he would rather they ‘read a book’, according to The Guardian.

The biggest users of the site are reported to be Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand, who attracted nearly a million followers, with Michael Owen and Nani among other users.

It comes after Wayne Rooney threatened a follower on the site after a comment, but later said it wasn’t a serious threat.

Despite Facebook being one of the biggest social media marketing sites online, Alex Ferguson says he doesn’t understand it.

He said: “I don’t understand it, to be honest with you. I don’t know why anybody can be bothered with that kind of stuff. How do you find the time to do that? There are a million things you can do in your life without that. Get yourself down to the library and read a book. Seriously. It is a waste of time. It seems to have a certain momentum at the moment. Everyone seems to want to do it.”

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