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Making the most of Facebook’s planned changes

By Alistair Harris

Facebook thumbs up

Whilst the changes announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference might not have gone down particularly well with users of the social network, an article published by Forbes has speculated about the opportunities that the changes could provide for advertisers.

Robert Hof has produced a list, featuring the various ways that advertisers could grab users attention by using the changes as an advantage.

Here is a summarised version of some of those ways:

More engagement on Facebook – The implementation of Timeline – the feature set to replace the existing Profiles – will encourage people to post in even greater volume about what they’re currently doing – be it listening to music, watching movies, the apps they’re using, etc.

With this specific information, Hof states that advertisers will know who to market similar products or services to based on what they’re sharing in their own timeline – a method much more precise than guessing demographics.

More data, more precise targeting – The greater the amount of time invested in Facebook, the greater the amount of data generated. Having data about specific interests, needs and wants makes it far simpler, utilising Graph Targeting, for marketers to target their products to a precisely relevant audience.

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