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Irish businesses get more customers with social media, research shows

By Alistair Harris

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New research carried out by Regus has revealed that Irish businesses are winning more new customers through social media than their British counterparts.

The survey found 64 per cent of Irish companies are utilising social networks, according to a report on businessandleadership.com.

It revealed that 44 per cent of Irish firms were reporting the acquisition of new customers through social media marketing activity – compared to 41 per cent of UK businesses.

Around 17,000 business managers and owners were surveyed – across 80 countries.

Unsurprisingly, with the regular emphasis placed on social media marketing, 76 per cent of Irish businesses felt that without social media their marketing strategies could not prove to be successful.

Despite the influence of social media, however, over half said there needed to be a balance between digital and traditional marketing methods in order to keep initiatives successful.

Regus’ regional vice president for Ireland, Olivier de-Lavalette commended the impact of social media marketing.

He said: “Social networking has finally come into its own in the commercial world, with Irish firms clearly leading the way in building customer loyalty by connecting and engaging with customers through the channel.”

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