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Importance of good keywords, title and headline tags in content writing

By George Chapple

Importance of good keywords, title and headline tags in content writing

Finding good keywords in content writing is in essence the market research part of SEO content writing.

It is not enough to have an article with good content; it must provide more. To capitalise fully, the article must have keywords which are actively searched on the Internet, but at the same time they must maintain relevant to the content.

The use of keywords can direct traffic to your website, so using them appropriately is of great importance.

Tags are also crucial to a SEO content writing strategy. All too often it is forgotten that the title tag and headline carry the same purpose. While it may be important to include a keyword in the headline tag for it to rank higher when searched, it should also be noted that this is only half of the task. A link must generate traffic to be considered successful.

Ultimately the purpose of a link is to generate clicks; if the headline tag doesn’t read well from the perspective of the person searching, the chances of them clicking the link and viewing the web content diminish and chances are they’ll look elsewhere.

If good practice in both of these areas is undertaken, the chances of generating traffic will be much higher.

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