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How top companies have used Twitter for commercial or marketing means

By Lauren Myatt

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While Twitter is used by many as a social tool, savvy companies are utilising it as a social media marketing tool to reach the millions who use the site. Using Twitter allows companies to build their brand and networking standpoint.  By looking at each post as a general overall impression which will be created over time, each 140 character entry serves as a seed of an idea for a general idea of the company.

Examples of companies who’ve utilised Twitter for marketing purposes are listed below:


Not only does this company promote special offers on twitter, they give twitter based customer support and even provide the employee’s name who is currently on duty.


Apple post their own news and bypass the media via Twitter


Starbucks posts new offers and also participates in threaded discussions of these offers with their Twitter-followers.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest run non-official, light-hearted and entertaining discussions with their customers.

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