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Half of all Britons now on Facebook

By Ahmed Ahmed

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One out of every two people in the United Kingdom now hold a Facebook account, according to a report from the Press Association.

There are now 30 million users of Facebook in the country, which represents an increase of four million since July 2010.

Joanna Shields, Vice President of Facebook Europe, announced the milestone at a media conference in London on Tuesday 2 March, adding that the company is ‘really excited’ to have reached the historic figure.

Founded in 2004 by now billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook reported 500 million users globally in summer 2010.

The social network has advanced in leaps and bounds since its inception, with billions made in advertising revenue, amid increasing awareness of the power of social media marketing in the business world.

The average Facebook user creates 90 items of content a month, and has 130 friends, with young people widely believed to have many more.

Facebook users now spend a total of over 700 billion minutes a month on the site.

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