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Google+ set to rival Facebook

By Alistair Harris

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Search engine giant Google has launched a direct rival to social network Facebook.

Google+ has been launched in a closed, “field test” stage, by invitation only – but is being rolled out over the coming months.

Industry insiders have been given the chance to play with the new social media platform – and the overall response has been positive.

According to the BBC, Google+ replicates many of Facebook’s most popular features – such as chat, friendship groups and photos – but has also added in Google services such as Google Maps and Image search.

Google has also innovated on Facebook – adding video chat options, drop in/drop out group chatrooms and video chatrooms, and friendship ‘circles’ for close friends or work colleagues.

Google has attempted to enter social networking before – the failed Google Buzz was its last meaningful effort.

The general feeling, according to bloggers, is that whilst the features work soundly, Google still has a long way to go to oust Facebook as the world’s most popular social network.

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